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1, 2, 3 suddenly in china
1, 2, 3 suddenly in egypt
1, 2, 3 suddenly in brazil
1, 2, 3 suddenly in mexico

1, 2, 3 SUDDENLY IN...

On his birthday, Martin received a present that was to change his life forever, taking him on the most intrepid and exciting adventures that he could ever have imagined: His grandfather’s travel album. This mysterious book leads him to a secret room, where he finds an object of great power: The Traslegus. When he reads the codes on the box containing it, Martin discovers the properties of this amazing tool, which makes everything start to spin around him Suddenly, Martin finds himself in the most exotic parts of Africa, America, Asia, Australia and Oceania.…

He can travel all over the world!


Titles: Open series

Target: 5 years and up

Format: 240 x 240 mm

Pages: 36 full-color throughout

Binding: Paperback / Hardback


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