Submission Guidelines

  GEMSER PUBLICATIONS publish non-fiction and religious illustrated books for the 0-12 age group.

We accept unsolicited manuscripts, illustrations, and design concept proposals presented along the following lines:
Manuscripts. We accept submissions by e-mail or on disc. If you just have a manuscript we will find the ideal illustrator for your book.     Illustrations should be photocopied, ideally in colour also can be sent by e-mail.
Please enclose a brief covering letter for the attention of Mercè Segarra to e-mail:

Tips for Authors and Illustrators

When writing something new, or sending something you've written or illustrated to publishers, it's always a good idea to take a look at what's in our website first.

Try to read or look at as many books a publisher has published before sending in your material, to get a feel for their list and whether your manuscript, idea or style of illustration is likely to fit.

How to Contact Us.


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