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We started working as agents of other publishing houses, but since 1999, Gemser has developed projects of illustrated children’s books and has sold them to publishing houses all over the world. Gemser has sold its products through other publishers providing the printed books with the seal of the publishing house that acquired the distribution rights.

Our products, basically aimed to convey concepts, habits, attitudes and values that are close to the child’s environment, always adopting an open mentality in a globalized world.
We combine excellent quality with competitive prices and good texts and beautiful illustrations to educate and inspire our young readers.

We hope that children will love our books as much as we do, helping them develop a passion for books.

Some of our products have been sold in more than 20 languages and we are producing about 20 new titles each year

Co-editions arranged with all the titles. For updated co-editions of all the series please contact us at:

Mercè Segarra:
Georgina Segarra:








Mercè Segarra:
Georgina Segarra: 垂询。


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