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A boat
A hut
A car
A rocket


This series comprises four books, which on one hand encourage the cooperative relationship between the parent and the child and on the other hand, the creativity that every child has.

The child thinks of an object and draws it, but in order to construct it, he asks his parent for help.

Once it is finished, while playing, the child imagines that he is enjoying endless adventures.

So, in these books, there is a real part that any child can do with his parent and a creative part that lets the imagination run free.

The objects to build are a car, a boat, a rocket and a hut. The last part explains the different types of cars, boats, houses and rockets that man has built over the course of the history of mankind.


Titles: 4

Target: 3 years and up

Format: 240 x 240 mm

Pages: 36 full-color-throughout

Binding: Paperback / Hardback


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