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Surprising experiments with the sound
Magical experiments with light & color
Incredible experiments with chemical reactions and mixtures
Fascinating experiments with electricity and magnetics


The series of books: MAGIC SCIENCE presents boys and girls aged between 6 and 12 years old with 4 different volumes handling some topics we have around us: Sound, light and color, mixtures and chemical reactions, electricity and magnetism.

By carrying out these experiments, 3 basic objectives are met:

  • The participation of boys and girls from different age ranges, as experiments are presented with different levels of difficulty in terms of carrying out the experiments and the understanding of them.
  • Keeping busy, having fun and at the same time learning. These books intend that the boys and girls have fun doing practical tasks and sharing experiences, but also that they acquire new knowledge related with science, as each experiment explains briefly and simply the phenomenon that is experienced.
  • Considering new challenges. As the experiments are carried out, surprise is guaranteed. This awakes the children’s curiosity to face new challenges and to discover more scientific phenomena.


Titles: 4

Target: 7 years and up

Format: 240 x 240 mm

Pages: 36 full-color-throughout

Binding: Paperback / Hardback


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